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1. Please submit all requests in English, using a clear and concise description. We prioritize efficiency, so generic informational requests will not be given priority. Please check the FAQ page or contact your upline partner for assistance.

  • Changing your account upline or adding a new referrer is not possible. If you didn't sign up under the correct referral, you can create a new account with a new email address.
  • Before creating an account, please verify the sponsor's username on the registration page.

2. It may take up to 72 Business Hours (Monday to Friday) to process your active withdrawals. You can check the status of your payout in the "Operations" section.

  • Has your withdrawal request been processed, but your Bitcoin wallet doesn't show the received funds? Please check the "Operations" section of your profile for the transaction ID. If the link from us is valid, double-check with your crypto wallet again after a few hours.
  • We process your withdrawal to the wallet address you provided in your X12 account settings. Requests cannot be edited once submitted.

3. Deposit may take up to 12 hours to appear in your account once sent. The first revenue will show up 24 hours after the deposit is confirmed.

  • Didn't receive your daily profit? Please wait a few hours and then check your statistics. Our system operates in UTC Server Time by default.

4. If you request a withdrawal on Friday or during the weekends, an additional 48 hours will be added to the processing time.

  • NO revenue or Payouts on Weekends. If you make a deposit on Friday, the next revenue will occur on Monday morning Server Time UTC.

5. You can request an update for Wallet Credentials, 2FA, or Security PIN reset on the Settings page of your profile. These requests will undergo extensive moderation and may take up to 7 days.

6. To avoid an overload of tickets, please only send one inquiry at a time through a single channel. Our team does not provide immediate confirmation replies. The X12 crew can usually resolve your issue in under 48 hours. Add noreply@xtwelve.ai to your email contacts list to ensure email delivery (no Yahoo or Hotmail services).

Did you know that 99% of the answers can be found in our FAQ? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section for help when you have a question.


All profile data update requests are processed via this Contact Form. Be aware that we will never DM users or ask you to send us money on telegram app or elsewhere!

X12 Platform has NO Social Media links, except:


If you voluntarily surrender access to your account or fall victim to online phishing, we will not provide any refunds.

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